Easter race on Læsø 2021

Welcome to self-service Easter run on lovely Læsø!

2 - 4 April 2021

Welcome to Selvbetjening's Easter run on lovely Læsø.

Experienced forces from Viborg OK & Strandgaarden Badehotel have made a quick decision - we beat a good corona safe "self-service" orienteering race in record time. We offer a "self-service race" with 3 counting stages. Two stages in the best of Læsø Klitplantage and a "medium distance" race in the urban area around the cozy village Vesterø Havn.

We recommend everyone to come to Læsø with a fresh negative Corona test. In addition, it is important that you stay home if you feel sick. We do not know the future and may therefore have to "correct" if there are restrictions we can not comply with. We do this race because we can not let go and know that many of you feel the same way. We are sure that we can arrange the races in a responsible way, but can not guarantee that the authorities think the same at the time of the race. You are therefore recommended to ensure good cancellation options for what you book in connection with the races.

Remember to arrange a contact after each competition, so we are sure that everyone comes home well from the forest - we do not, as organizers, have the opportunity for this in the way that the self-service event works.

We use MapRun6 The app for control and timing. All entries are marked with a screen as you know it. The screen is for "seeing" not "touching". In addition, you can put your track on O-Track.


The program

From Monday 29 March, there will be a trial run in Byrum, the capital on Læsø. The test run is open until 4 April at 12. On April 1 after kl. 13 the time windows in the start list must be observed, at other times there is a free start.

      • Friday 2 April - 1st stage Læsø Klitplantage - “Skovhytte stage”
      • Saturday the 3rd of April - 2nd stage Læsø Klitplantage - “Hvide Bakker stage”
      • Sunday 4 April - 3rd stage in town, beach and forest - “Vesterø Harbor stage”


You can see the schedule with course lengths and number of entries here.

All courses are difficult except Beginner and D / H 12 which are easy.

You can see which track number you need to run here. In the MapRun6 App you will be able to choose: Denmark - Viborg - Easter race on Læsø 2021 and then your class, it will not be easier 🙂

It is recommended to prepare for today's stage before leaving a good wi-fi on the way to start.

All participation is at your own risk.


Læsø dune plantation 2020. Scale 1: 7500.

Vesterø harbor 2018. Scale 1: 4000

Urban space 2016. Scale 1: 4000 (test track - test run)

Cards are printed on water and tear-resistant paper by an approved printing company.


The race takes place as a stage race with 2 stages in Læsø Klitplantage & 1 stage in Vesterø Harbor. All stages are run as self-service races. Start windows are per. club. You can see when you need to start here. 

Upon arrival on the island, you pick up your card package at Strandgaarden Badehotel, Strandvejen 8. Your card package contains your 3 stages and loose mail descriptions. In addition, you get a test card / test run over Byrum.

You will thus receive all your race cards before the competition. It is allowed to study maps / courses, but not to test run (other than the test run :-))!

Check for registration:   Club by   Classy

Just a few tips 🙂 - Watch the videos below:

There are currently ca. 20 large cattle in the enclosures. This means that you can meet these during your race. They do nothing but do not run directly towards them!


We make an indicative result list based on data in RunMap6. Remember that it is a new system and that everything is a bit of a test 🙂 You will find the results here

You are also encouraged to put your track up in the O-track as you usually do.

How do we comply with the assembly ban?

The password for the event can be completed is “Self-service”.

Pt. we are all subject to assembly bans of 5 people indoors and 10 people outdoors. It must be complied with except during the outdoor competitions, where the assembly ban is 50 people. During the entire stay on Læsø, it is important that the rules are observed in the groups that you expect to come to Læsø with. 

We have been so lucky since we started planning that the assembly ban for outdoor, organized sports has been raised to 50 people. This means that we can all run the same stages on the same days. We just have to comply with our "start time windows". You can see when you need to start here.

Meeting places will not be established and everyone must, before and after their race, be aware of keeping a good distance and not gather for after-talk - it must take place digitally and we hope for a really good debate on our Facebook page. There is no liquid or any kind of service during the races. We recommend that you stay in the convention areas for as short a time as possible.

There is a public WC close to all convention areas - remember hand sanitizer.

The starting points are not staffed, you just have to start yourself within the time window you have been assigned. You can see more in the videos and instructions below. You have been given a race card together with loose definitions on arrival at Læsø and thus only need to be brought to the start. Timing is done with MapRun6. Result list is made from this data.

How does MapRun6 work?

MapRun6 is a new way of checking and timing. The app works with the GPS device in your smartphone or in your Garmin watch. It's new technology and it's limited by signal and how good a GPS is in your device.

Exercisers who move with km. times +8 pr. km. will as a general rule experience that the receipt / your beep arrives immediately. If you run faster, you will find that the receipt / your beep can lag a little behind. If you are at the post office and have not received your “beep”, you must move 360 ​​degrees around the post office and can then continue your run. You will then in most cases get the receipt / your beep on the way to the next post. If you receive a receipt again, you just continue and send a message to the race management so that we can manually approve your race.

You must start by following the instructions, which are described via the link below and in the video: Link to instructions  

If you have a newer Garmin watch, you can use it for timekeeping and receipts in MapRunG - it requires setup that you can do using an instruction that you find here

Below are a number of instructional videos, in addition, a test track will be set up in Byrum, where you can test it all before the stages.

After the race, you can upload your result to MapRun6 even if you have not used the App or Garmin watch. All you have to do is have a GPX file (eg via Strava) - you will find instructions here.

If you have any questions you are always welcome. 

Meeting places - Start / finish:

Test run: Byrum, Læsø Hallen. Held from Monday 29/3 to Sunday 4 / 4-2021.

Parking in the car park at Læsø Hallen, which is 100m to the start and 100m to the finish.

Stage 1: Skovhytten, Storedalsvej. Settled on Friday 2 / 4-2021.

Parking in the car park and edge parking, which is 150m. to the target area and approx. 400m. from goal to start.

Stage 2: Hvide Bakker, at the end of Himmerigsvejen. Settled on Saturday 3 / 4-2021.

Parking in the car park and edge parking, which is 50m. to the target area and approx. 700m. from goal to start.

3rd stage: Vesterø Boldklub, Strandvejen 19. To be held on Sunday 4 / 4-2021.

Parking in the car park by the Sports Hall. There are 100m. to the target area and approx. 150m. from goal to start.


Event leader and course organizer: Ole Lind, Ballerup OK, info@badehotel.eu, Tel. 40447654.

Event control: Keld Gade, Viborg OK

Track control: Pia & Keld Gade, Viborg OK

IT solutions: Stig Barret, Viborg OK

Sign up

Club membership via O-service no later than 19 March. There are 400 seats

Registration recipient: Keld Gade

E-mail: kgadeprivat@mail.dk

The starting fee is DKK 275. However, only DKK 250 for D / H 20 and younger.

You can only register for all 3 stages.

Start fee is paid in clubs to Viborg OK. Account 9255 - 2640007038

No late registration.

We pay race fee to DOF and make a donation of DKK 25, - pr. participates in MapRun. There is a participant limit of 400 people and registration closes as soon as it is reached.


Strandgaarden Badehotel has a special offer for the orienteering people, see more here.

Visit the website Visit Læsø for other options.

Remember to ensure good cancellation opportunities if the race is banned by the authorities.


Læsø Ferry

Copenhagen Air Taxi

Keld Johnsen Airways on 40422053