The Forest on Laesoe Island


Laesoe Island is experienced as a green island with a lot of forest

The major part of Laesoe Island´s area is forest. You will find impressive dune plantations with inland dunes,

large birch forests with reindeer moss and of course a lot of fir and needle-leaved forests.

The state forest is open to all, and it is allowed to collect mushrooms for private use.

Laesoe Island is specially known for many Chanterelles and Karl Johan mushrooms, both fantastic edible mushrooms.

The mushroom season starts in early summer and lasts through October.

Bicycles and motorcars are allowed on major gravel roads in the plantation. There are also many good trekking and running tracks.


Dune Plantation


There are many possibilities for walking/trekking tours, but the tour round the Foldgaard Lake, which is often dried out, is particulary impressive and open for all. The tour is appr. 1.5 km.


Foldgaard Lake


The Laesoe Island forest is popular for orienteerers. Races are frequently arranged, and every second year a large international event takes place.


3 - days


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