Transport to Strandgaarden Seaside Hotel on Laesoe Island

How to get to Laesoe Island

Here you can read about the possibilities for travelling to Laesoe Island

The Laesoe Island Ferry

The ferry sails from Frederikshavn to Laesoe Island and has between 3 and 8 daily departures each way, depending on the season

The crossing takes 90 minutes, and it is possible to bring a car with you.

We recommend a reservation if you want to bring your car with you.

You can reach the ferry´s homepage by clicking on the button:


Laesoe Ferry


By air + Taxi via Aalborg

Aalborg Airport (AAL) has many daily connections to and from Copenhagen Airport (CPH) and provides a quick connection to Laesoe Island,

if you combine air travel with taxi from the airport to the ferry in Frederikshavn.


An example: if you go by air to Aalborg arriving around 10 a.m. you can easily catch the Laesoe Ferry departing for Laesoe Island at 11:30 a.m..

The taxies are found outside the Arrival Hall and will bring you safely to the Laesoe Ferry in about 50 minutes and at a fare of appr. DKK 900,- (around EUR 130,-).

 You will then be on Laesoe Island at 1.00 p.m


If you wish to save taxi expenses and have more time, you may take a bus from Aalborg Airport to Lindholm Station and from there the train to Frederikshavn.


Aalborg Airport


By air from Roskilde Airport (RKE) directly to Laesoe Island

Copenhagen Air Taxi flies from Roskilde Airport (RKE) directly to Laesoe Island. In the summer season there are daily departures.

When going by air from Roskilde you will arrive on Laesoe Island in just about one hour.

Most flights operate via the island of Anholt. The planes are propeller-driven aircraft with room for 8 passengers.

Roskilde Airport is about 45 minutes from Copenhagen Airport in a taxi.

You can see more about the possibilities using this link:


Air Taxi


Train to Frederikshavn and ferry to Laesoe Island

DSB (Danish State Railways) run intercity trains directly to Frederikshavn, and the travelling time from Copenhagen Airport ist just around 5 hrs..

From the station in Frederikshavn there is 5-10 minutes walk to the Lasoe Island ferry - a taxi can also be used.




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