Tourist information about Laesoe Island, Denmark


If you are looking for a peaceful moment in a busy world....

Laesoe Island provides a nice calm atmosphere - you will feel absolutely no stress from the moment you arrive on this island.

The pulse is slower on the island, and here nature rules. The sky is "high" and the air is fresh and clean.

Laesoe Island is the smallest municipality in Denmark with only about 1800 people. The population falls every year, but there is still a primary school, local government office and some shops.

The Mayor´s name is Tobias, and he does his best for the island - biggest growth you find in the tourist industry and in taking care of the elderly.

Natural resort  

On Laesoe Island you will find unspoilt nature - it is a "wild place" compared with the rest of Denmark.

We recommend you to hike or bike in the beautiful nature on Laesoe Island.

Most days you will find that you have all nature for yourself - on Laesoe Island there is a lot of free space and only  few people.

The Danish goverment wanted to make Laesoe Island the first National park in Denmark, but local people did not approve and stopped the plans.

The locals don`t like big changes coming from the outside world - most just want to have the life that they already have on this beautiful island.

Visit Laesoe Island - maybe it will be you favourite place on earth.


Best way to discover Laesoe Island is on bicycle


Top sights

Salt Mill





You could use the following links to the best attractions on Laesoe Island. Most of the sites are in Danish, so please feel free to contact us for more information.

Pier Party

Lobster Festival

Local Food

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