Strandgaarden Badehotel - 1727

Strandgaarden Badehotel was built in the year 1727, and parts of the original buildings are still in use.

According to the local shurch registers a small farm was built in about 1600 at the place where Strandgaarden is today.

Fo about 200 years Strandgaarden was an ordinary farm, but also fishermen lived in this place.

The first signs of hotel business activity date bach to 1926 when Mr. Herman Axelsen offered rooms with board for the nice sum of Dkk 5,-, he

advertised with cosy atmosphere and good, rich food!

It is not clear when Mr. Axelsen´s adventure ended, but we do know that in 1947 Strandgaarden was owned by Mr. Mortensen and his wife, Mrs. Oda Mortensen.

Around 1962 Mrs. Oda became a widow, and from then on she concentrated on running Strandgaarden as a summer hotel.

She devoted an admirable amount og energy to run the place as a cosy and momely family hotel with guest that came back year after year. Mrs. Oda was a perfect

hostess and an outstanding cook and did not need much comfort for herself. In the summer season she lived in a tiny attic above the old dining room

next to the old living rooms. The outside wooden ladder leading to the attic is still there - take a look!

Mrs. Oda became something of a legend and she worked at Strandgaarden until she passed away in 1993 at the age of over 80!

Her two sons tried to run the hotel but had to give up in 1995 when a new owner took over - only to mak thing worse!

Strandgaarden was put for sale in 1999 in a miserable condition.

Mr. Ole Lind and Ms. Karin Østrup took over in 1999 and started bringing Strandgaarden up to standard. A new kitchen and new buildings were put in operation, and millions were invested.

During 2000 - 2007 Strandgaarden again gained a good reputation, and hard work and investments were rewarded.

Ms. Østrup left Laesoe Island in 2008 and Mr. Ole Lind continued the buisness with succes, but also with financial problems.

However, following a reconstruction of the company behind Strandgaarden Badehotel with Ole Lind as owner the hotel has been runing

smoothly since 2009, thanks to a careful investment policy, constant modernizing of rooms and facilities and last, but not least, a kitchen

which has a well - deserved reputattion as the playing ground for talented young chefs.


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